School Signs for COVID

Our team at Fabsigns can assist your education facility with School Signs for COVID.

Keeping your students, faculty members, guests and other team members safe is our number one priority. Social distancing is part of everyday vernacular now and is becoming second nature for many. However, it always pays to keep reminders handy in the form of signage.

We will be here for you every step of the way as your school, university, TAFE, day care, or other educational institute reopen and are presented with corona-virus related obstacles.

We can assemble school signs for COVID including:

School Administration Directional Sign | Fabsigns Brisbane
Welcome Parents LED School Sign | Fabsigns Brisbane

Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards or Counter Guards are a protective layer of plastic or glass that are used in reception areas that provide an extra layer between your team and the multiple people they meet and deal with during a working day.

Sneeze guards can also be used to divide desks in science rooms and other areas where students are seated together at larger desks.

Floor Graphics

Floor signs are the perfect way to signal to students where to stand in lines for cafes, tuckshops, outside libraries, in halls, and other places to ensure they are the appropriate distance apart.

Social Distancing Floor Signs Brisbane | Fabsigns

Digital School Signs

Make use of a digital school sign to remind parents and students alike about new regulations for drop offs, pick ups, sporting events, and more. These signs are a popular option as you have complete freedom to customise your messaging as much and as frequently as required.


This tool can be used to easily transform a room or space with guidance on distancing or reminders to wash hands and other safety measures such as maximum occupancy and hand washing signs. They are easily applied and can be used on a number of surfaces.

Wall Signs

Wall signs are cost effective, easily removed and updated and unobtrusive ways to remind people to wash their hands frequently while in the vicinity of a sink or hand sanitiser. These can also be paired with hand sanitiser poll stands. They can also be used to indicate parts of your school where masks are required or where temperature checks are mandatory.

Our team at Fabsigns pride ourselves on assisting you keep your students and team safe during unprecedented times with schools signs for COVID. Talk to us today about your free signage plan and quote on (07) 3267 5507 or enquire now.