Billboards have been an effective advertising medium for over a century world wide. They remain a cost effective way to reach your audience, especially to the Brisbane audience across the gateway, pacific motorway, and the main arterial roads

Despite billboards being an effective medium of advertising – if you are going to invest your hard earned money in ANY marketing efforts – you want to make sure it’s done well.

So how do you ensure you’re billboard is attention-grabbing, on brand and action-provoking? Read on.

1. Keep It Short and Sweet (and Safe!)

Your average driver has between 5 to 10 seconds to see, read and process your message. If we’re talking about a decent driver they’ll likely be watching the road, other cars, and people not merging properly too – that’s less time on your ad! So the most important rule of the game is to keep your message concise.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be clever.

2. Be Bold

Colour and simplicity mixed together can be the most effortless way to demand attention.

Bold Billboard Design - Billboard Design Tips for a Brisbane Audience via Pinterest - Fabsigns

3. Contrast

Contrasting colours with design will create an even larger impact and ensure your billboard has your customers attention and improves retention of your message.

4. Simple Background

While there are exceptions to this rule, a clear background that does not impair your logo or copy is crucial in conveying your message – clutter is an excuse for the brain to put your message in the ‘too hard’ basket.

5. A Balanced Logo

You should be using your logo in your billboard. Sizing can vary, but you should endeavour to keep your logo no smaller than 1/8 of the billboard size as a guideline.

6. Call to Action

This tip depends on what your marketing strategy entails – brand awareness campaigns such as the Masterfoods tomato sauce board do not require a call to action.

Maccas Billboard Call to Action - Billboard Design Tips for a Brisbane Audience via Pinterest - Fabsigns

However this Macca’s billboard is the perfect example of all our design tips:

It’s three words – short and sweet. The bold brand colours stand out and create a contrast. The backround is as simple as you can get, while not all of the logo appears, the part that does conveys the message in approximately 1/8 of the board. Finally there is a call to action – take your next right for a feed.

Not all brands can harness the power of a billion dollar business – but a good signwriter can make all the difference to a SME Brisbane business.

Did we mention we have a graphic design team to assist in your next billboard campaign? Call us today on 07 3267 5507!