As all Queenslanders know, summers are a killer and Brisbane window tinting can come to the rescue in a number of situations!

Tinting is an essential item for your car, home and office. Brisbane’s excellent warm weather offers many benefits, but some of the downfalls are the heat, and damage to your skin, home and office contents. Protect yourself, team, loved ones and property against the sun with Brisbane window tinting by our team at Fabsigns.

Call today for your obligation free quote on (07) 3267 5507 and don’t forget to ask about bundling discounts for several tinting jobs ie. Car and home!

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Car Tinting Brisbane

Car tinting is a lifesaver for those who commute daily, drive for a living or even those who love to take a trip to the beach or museum on the weekends.

One Way Window Film

One way window film is a great solution for business owners. Some of the benefits include:

  1. To protect employees from sun stroke, sunburn & etc
  2. Advertise 24/7
  3. Add a level of security by hiding any contents of the car
  4. Increase fuel consumption with lowered air conditioning requirements

House Window Tinting Brisbane

Living in Queensland we are all aware of the risks of sun exposure to our skin. Did you know that the glass in your home or office magnifies the sun’s rays and can cause it to be more even more harmful?

Not only is home window tinting essential for your personal health and the protection of your family, but also your belongings.

Sun damage, especially through glass, can have a tremendous impact on your furnishings; tinting lessens sun penetration and shields glare, leaving less wear and tear on your furniture, curtains, artwork, desks and other items. Protect your home with window tinting!

Office Window Tinting

Tinting your office windows has a multitude of benefits, firstly you will save on electricity costs from reduced air conditioning bills as the window film assists in containing cool air by stopping the penetration of the sun’s rays, preventing the glass and room from heating.

There is an added layer of security as you can have your office window tinting done so that opportunistic thieves are unable to see inside.

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Removing Window Tint

Is your tint getting old and in need of a refresh? Removing your window tint should be done by a professional to avoid scratching and ruining your glass. Chat with our team at Fabsigns about bundling your tint removal with your new window tinting install.

Mirrored Window Film

Famous examples of mirrored window film are in bathrooms where the occupants can see out towards crowds of people but are protected by the film from their return gazes. Mirrored window film can also be used for far less outrageous causes such as making office spaces appear larger.

Why it’s important to protect against Ultraviolet Radiation

Did you know? Not all ultraviolet rays are made equal? There are two types, ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB).

Type A are longer rays that can cause premature aging such as dark spots and wrinkles.

Type B are shorter and are typically filtered by most glass.

Both types of ultraviolet rays can cause sunburn which damages your DNA skin cells and increases your risk of skin cancer. However, UVA rays account for 95% of UV radiation reaching the earth’s surface.

Talk to our team at Fabsigns on (07) 3267 5507 about your Brisbane Window Tinting for your home, office, and vehicle today. Ask us about discounts for multiple purchases ie office and car.