The advertising strategy that’s also good for your energy bill

Did you know that cool air can escape through glass almost as quickly as an open door? This can raise the cost of your electricity bill exponentially, especially in a Queensland summer.

If you have glass windows that face the sun, your office or shop is being zapped of the cool air your air conditioning is pumping out for the entire time the sun’s rays are hitting your glass.

Luckily for your energy bill, a window sign is the perfect way to keep the air con in as well as advertise your company!

  1. Window Sign & Tinting

You can make use of a simple sign that shows off your brand and also makes use of a subtle window tint to help with your energy efficiency.

2. Window Sign

Full window signs are a fantastic option for privacy, energy efficiency and advertising all bundled into one!

3. One Way Vision

These type of window sign is popular as it offers the perfect advertising tool that allows filtered light in, while maintaining privacy but allowing you to see outside.

There are also window frostings, as well as other options that are unique to building settings. Let us give you an obligation free quote, by meeting you at your premise to go over your specific requirements. Call us today on (07) 3267 5507.