The Number #1 trick all Brisbane Café Owners Need During COVID19

COVID19 has hit the hospitality industry worldwide hard. While Brisbane restaurant and café owners are recovering faster than our Victorian and New South Wales counterparts, there is still a long way to go to return to normal.

One of the difficulties in resuming normal trade and getting bottom lines back up to scratch is letting customers know when you are open.

Many restaurants and cafes garner the bulk of their business from loyal locals and customers who work in or transit through the area. The easiest and simplest way to let them know you are trading is with an illuminated, neon or digital display sign.

They are the perfect way to communicate to your customers not only let them know you are open, but that you appreciate their continued business in these challenging times and to draw them in with your marketing messages.

Your location, brand style and budget will help determine which sign type will work best for your needs. It maybe as simple as a neon open sign. While other businesses will benefit greatly from a digital display sign inside a pylon sign advertising a morning breakfast special for early birds.

Digital Display Signs

This type of signage is one of the most popular as you are able to change your messaging whenever it suits. From morning coffee offers, to lunch specials through to advertising the use of a loyalty program, this type of signage is diverse and offers a multitude of ways to connect with your customers.

The movement of the words on the sign also assist in attracting the eyes of passersby, which is especially useful in a competitive area.

Pylon, Illuminated, Digital Display School Signage By Fab Signs

Neon Signs

Funky, fresh and back from the 70’s neon signs give your business the competitive edge with bold colours and a simplistic design. Choose between a rainbow of colours to best suit your brand – the thickness and size of your neon sign will depend on the design, lettering, font, and the backdrop it will be attached to. We can run you through these details when you enquire or speak with us on 07 3267 5507.

Neon Signs by Fabsigns

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signs allow your brand to stand out and shine, demanding the attention of your customers as well as adding an air of sophistication. This type of signage is cost effective to run, and can be used in a number of placements, hence they suit most restaurant and cafes due to their diversity.

Lightbox Brisbane Signs

Knowing which strategy is correct for your needs can be difficult, let us help you with an obligation free on-site quote. One of our signage experts can come out to your location and assess your needs with your budget in mind and recommend the best Brisbane café or restaurant signs to suit. Call today on 07 3267 5507.