Themes that Shouldn’t Run on Your Next Ad

Clever, funny, and thought-provoking advertising gets everyone’s attention. But sometimes you will see something on the billboard, or even on A-frame sign, that is out of place, and awkward, and disturbing. Advertisers should realise that every advertising message runs on a theme. The theme is what drives brand awareness and provides an impact on the target audience.

When considering the theme of your ads, there are some unspoken rules you need to follow: think more than thrice before approving a risqué theme or just do away with it if you can help it. Otherwise, you may damage your brand and the business in general. Here are some of the themes that you shouldn’t be using as much as possible.


Sex sells, but is the sales coming through the business worth the negative impression it may get? Many advertisers today are so fond of connecting their products to this very theme, although analogy is unlikely. Even fast food brands all over the world have been incorporating this theme into their ads just to drive sales.

Overrated Beauty

Beauty is a matter of perception. But ads nowadays have dictated that it’s perfect—that it is seen on thin, muscular, and pretty-faced models. Many people, especially teens, have developed low self-esteem due to their belief that they don’t get to meet the standards of beauty, as seen on billboards and other placement areas.


One goal of the media is to promote equality among races. But some veer away from this very aspiration for the sake of earning and creative prestige. Racism is not only degradation of other races; it also involves stereotyping and bullying.

Gender Inequality

Representations of genders in advertisement provide models to emulate or go against. Men are often portrayed as the epitome of power, strength, and competitiveness. Women, on the other hand, are epitomised as submissive individuals.

Advertising may be an ingenious way to raise brand awareness and drive sales, but you must not forget that you’re conveying a message to a great number of people. As an advertising and signage supplier, we encourage everyone to be careful about their messages. Now, if you think your message is safe and beneficial, what you will need to do is to make it clearer when it comes to execution. Look at our range of sign choices or call us today to learn what suits your campaign.